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Many of our clients have the capacity in their teams to meet the on-going demands of business-as-usual. The tricky bit for most people is dealing with the additional and often parallel resource demands of strategic projects or urgent compliance initiatives. This is further complicated by the decision to allocate permanent team members to the short-term demand and backfill into the team, or vice versa.

We work in ways that help you meet your objectives and we call this temporary requirement to increase your team’s capacity ‘Surge Resourcing’.

We provide experienced and trusted resources from our team to provide the capability and capacity you need to service the demands of business-as-usual, project work and compliance initiatives. By bridging your resource gaps, we help you maintain your focus on delivering the business outcomes you need to be successful.

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Surge Resourcing

If you know exactly what you need to achieve, but are too swamped by BAU demands to take a step forward, surge resources from Connected Analytics can help you break the cycle. You can deploy our analysts to document and automate a process, manage BAU tasks while your people get training on new software, or build that set of reports to answer management questions before they hit your inbox. Whatever you need.


The modern workforce is increasingly moving to more flexible employment arrangements. Where there is a clearly defined set of outcomes, or a short-term surge in demand that requires extra resources, an increase in your permanent analytics headcount might not make sense. Connected Analytics can provide a contract solution that provides the flexibility your business needs to achieve your objectives.