Sponsorship Debut at ARCA

Sponsorship Debut at ARCA

In support of our goal to build greater brand awareness, Connected Analytics were a visible presence at the 2nd ARCA Conference in Blue Mountains, Sydney in late November. Not only did we sponsor the coffee cart, which with free caffeine was a big hit, but Mike and Rich teamed up for an insightful and topical presentation: “What happens When Analytics Meets Productivity and What You Need to Do to Keep Your Job On-Shore”. While much of the conference had focused on hard skills and external factors, Mike and Rich had a topic which appealed to many people because of its focus on behaviours.

It was also an excellent chance for our team to stay across key issues affecting the industry as well as listen to new ways to tackle these issues.

The full program can be accessed here:


and there’s bound to be something of interest for everyone!

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