Our People

Mike Jones

Managing Director
Mike has worked in analytics and risk management for over two decades, providing business and decision analytic services to many clients across Europe, South Africa, Canada, Asia Pacific and Australia. Mike’s dedication to delivery excellence led him to found Connected Analytics in 2013. Since then, he has worked with like-minded people to build a professional services business that enjoys helping organisations use information to make better decisions.
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Roy Pugh

Analytics Director
Roy is a highly experienced analytics professional with more than 20 years in financial services, delivering analytic solutions to a range of marketing, risk, collections and other operational business functions across UK and Australian based banks. As the Analytics Director at Connected Analytics, Roy leads an extremely experienced team of analysts who, bringing a wealth of industry knowledge with them, enable our clients to achieve their strategic goals.
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Marcus Oakley

Director of Advisory Services
Marcus is a recognised leader and expert in credit & risk management in Australia & New Zealand. He brings significant experience and expertise gained over a 17-year career with GE Capital. Having held senior risk roles with GE across the UK, Asia, Australia and New Zealand, Marcus brings deep industry knowledge together with great leadership perspective. Marcus has a focus on delivery excellence and exceeding customer expectations.
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David Grafton

Director of Business Development
David has over 25 years experience in consumer credit, data analytics and decisioning software. Consulting expertise has been provided to a wide range of credit providers and Industry Associations amongst whom David is a well – known and highly regarded industry figure. Having worked both on the client and service provider sides of the industry, he has an invaluable depth and breadth of experience to bring to the benefit of clients.
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Richard Tweedie

Technical Director
Richard is a committed and energetic analytics and technology professional with a proven track record of consultancy and solution delivery. He has a strong background in technical architecture, application development and the programming lifecycle; along with extensive experience of large scale, multi-system environments. Richard’s passion for architecture and system design, balanced with a strong commercial mindset, makes him a valuable asset for any analytic platform and automated decisioning challenge.
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Catherine Coenraads

Analytics Specialist
Catherine is a dedicated analytics professional who is passionate about transforming data into meaningful decision points for a business. With almost 17 years’ experience spanning both client-side and consulting, Catherine has a proven ability to understand business imperatives and naturally connects and communicates the complexity of high quality data modelling with business users.
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Dirk Quartel

Senior Analytics Specialist

Dirk is an experienced practitioner and leader of analytic talent. His reputation for practical and effective analytic solutions and engaged people leadership has been built during his 20 years working in government, credit bureaux and banking organisations. His expertise spans client-side and consulting.
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Martin Shield

Analytics Consultant
Martin is an analytics professional with a flair for process improvement. He has assisted a range of clients in the energy, finance and retail sectors to use internal and external data more efficiently. He is an experienced SAS, SQL and R programmer with excellent communication skills and passion for helping clients to connect decisions with data. Over time, Martin has developed a valuable combination of analytic excellence and business insight.
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Nigel Clay

Senior Quantitative Specialist
Nigel is an exceptionally talented quantitative analyst and leader. He is extremely passionate about connecting people to innovative solutions. Having led several technical teams over a twenty year career in analytics, Nigel has a deep understanding of how to get the best out of his people, delivering meaningful business results and communicating technical or complex concepts in a simple manner.
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Karen Hutchinson

Analytics Consultant
Karen is an enthusiastic analytics professional with over 15 years of experience in the financial services industry, specialising in Credit Risk. She has experience in both technology and the business use of data. This gives her the ability to transform an organisation’s data into meaningful insights that can drive business decisions. She has led teams across multiple geographies and worked on projects with remote stakeholders.
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Ross Gayler

Senior Analytics Specialist
Ross is an internationally recognised leader in analytics for business decision making. His reputation for effective, practical, innovative analytical solutions has been built over 25 years of working with credit bureaux and financial services organisations, both directly and as an external consultant. He regularly presents his work at conferences such as the Edinburgh Credit Scoring and Credit Control conference, the Australian Retail Credit Association conference, and the Australian Data Mining conference.
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Debashree Sanyal

Analytics Engineer
Debashree is passionate about the application of analytics in solving real world business problems across verticals. She is highly skilled in visualising large volumes of data to unravel trends, applying advanced analytic techniques, drawing inferences and arriving at solutions to identified problems. She is a fast learner with a flair for innovative solutions as per business needs.
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Vincent Grellier

Analytics Consultant
Vincent is a credit risk management professional, dedicated to timely and quality delivery, with over 13 years of experience working for Banks in France, UK, Australia and Malaysia. Throughout his career, he has gained substantial experience in the development of predictive models, especially PD, LGD and EAD models on retail segments and more recently on wholesale segments.
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Barbara La Scala

Analytics Consultant
Barbara is an experienced analytics professional with over 20 years’ experience in developing innovative solutions to quantitative problems across a variety of areas ranging from finance to air traffic control and multi-sensor systems. For the last 8 years she has worked in the financial services industry focusing on Credit Risk and Operational Risk. In all her roles, she has needed to analyse large or complex data sets to extract the key features that capture the essence of the problem. Once identified, she designs and implements innovative algorithms to solve them.
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Julie Stones

Analytics Consultant
Julie is a credit risk management professional with a wide range of experience within the financial sector spanning Australia, Asia and the UK. Working both as a consultant and practitioner she has substantial experience in data driven decision making. She has built and implemented predictive models across a wide range of business types and used her analytical skills to streamline customer and client processes across the credit lifecycle. She is passionate about effective and efficient use of data and ensuring organisations have high quality, accurate management information.
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Richard Carson

Analytics Engineer
Richard is a highly skilled and competent Analytics Engineer with experience in various industries, including finance, government, healthcare, energy and education in both New Zealand and Australia. He is proficient in data warehouse utilisation, customer profiling, process design, credit risk systems, collection analysis and reporting.
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Kornelia Ring

Analytics Consultant
Kornelia is a finance and risk professional with over 12 years’ experience, with most of it gained at GE Capital. Having held a variety of roles across GE’s Finance and Risk departments she has a proven track record in analytics, modelling, process improvements and people leadership. Since joining Connected Analytics in September 2016, Kornelia has worked across a number of IFRS9 projects, including Latitude Financial Services, and most notably projects in cooperation with the SAS Institute at Standard Chartered Bank in Singapore and Westpac Banking Corporation in Sydney, during both of which she has also taken on mentoring roles for some of the less experienced team members.
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Kris Glaveski

Senior Consultant
Kris is a senior business leader with 15 years of experience delivering strategic priorities and organisational change within the Financial Services sector, spanning Risk and Credit Management, Business Improvement, Project Delivery, and Call Centre Operations, with a demonstrated unique ability to solve complex business problems and deliver solid value through the use of data, analytics, people and technology.
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Charles Baxter

Analytics Engineer
Charles has over thirty years experience in the computer industry, both in Australia and overseas. He has worked extensively in the areas of data design and extraction, process design, report design and build, and data quality. Throughout Charles career he has worked in various roles across a number of industries including banking, utilities, government, insurance and a number of software development companies.
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Chris Thompson

Analytics Consultant
Chris is a credit risk strategy specialist with more than a decade of experience in the consumer finance industry. He is passionate about driving meaningful results for a business through the application of credit risk strategy developed using his advanced problem solving skills and technical expertise.
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Elizabeth Buzzard

Senior Consultant
Liz is a versatile professional with over 24 years of consulting and management experience in the credit risk industry. She enjoys working with organisations to help solve their challenges and implement smart strategies supported by data and experience – from design through to change management and education. Her key motivation is to provide valuable risk management insight to lenders seeking guidance or additional support to make a difference in their businesses.
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Liz Savage

Analytics Consultant
Liz is a credit risk professional with over 10 years’ experience in both the UK and Australia. She has exceptional data management and analytical skills and a passion for finding analytical solutions to complex problems. She has a deep understanding of application and behavioural credit scoring, and is skilled in optimising decision strategies and supporting operational processes. Liz has strong record of delivering substantial business benefit at both large and small organisations.

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Ken Yazaki

Analytics Consultant
Ken has worked in data and analytics as a risk professional for over a decade, and has spent the last 8 years developing solutions to problems faced within the finance sector. He brings a blend of expertise from working with internal and external clients, and has continually delivered tactical and key strategic initiatives for the organisations he represents. Ken’s roles have seen him support clients not just in Australia, but across Asia Pacific, Europe and Northern America and, he has spent extensive time in China building an analytics team from the ground up.

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Craig Savage

Analytics Consultant
Craig has worked in algorithm development, prototype systems, process improvements and mathematical modelling for over a decade. He brings experience working as a liaison between disparate groups, including industry and academia, analysts and management, and engineers and medical professionals. His international career includes defence work, biomedical engineering (Bionic Vision Australia at the University of Melbourne), teaching, and risk modelling.

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Megan Crawford

Business Support Manager
Megan is an accomplished administrator within the Finance Industry, experienced in providing support, communications and enhancing the effectiveness of top-tier executives. She enjoys building strong relationships and working collaboratively as part of a wider team, assisting Executives and their teams in achieving their goals. Megan joined Connected Analytics in 2014 to support business growth and create value by improving the effectiveness of the consulting group and enhancing the efficiency of internal processes and systems.
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We are supported by our External Professionals

Bray Cohen

Bray Cohen PicutreAuthenticity1
Culture and Personal Effectiveness Coach
Bray has over 20 years consulting experience over a broad range of areas as change management consultant, facilitator, personal and leadership coach and group effectiveness consultant. He has partnered with major Australian organizations, encompassing the corporate, community and government sectors. Bray creatively supports leaders in facing into the complex challenges of contemporary times. Bray has a strong ability to bring diverse leadership & cross-functional groups together, and galvanise them quickly with deep engagement to work productively & effectively on complex projects. His key quality is that he is able to integrate and balance the people issues with the hardcore business objectives. The result is that he is able to implement change, maximize effectiveness and build productivity.
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