Employee Value Proposition

Connected Benefits

At Connected Analytics, we believe that delivery excellence is created for clients through our people. We aim to attract, develop and retain talented professionals who share our values and our passion – and we know that our people will deliver the best outcomes for our clients if they feel valued and engaged.

We also believe that empowering our consultants to balance their lives as they see fit is the right thing to do.

That’s why we have built, and maintain, one of the most complete and attractive employee value propositions in our industry. Here are some of the benefits of being part of our Connected Analytics community.

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Personal Time

We provide a comprehensive package of vacation, personal, lifestyle, parental and volunteer leave. We even provide our consultants with an extra day of leave each year on their birthday. Our consultants all have different commitments and lifestyles, and we all need time to reflect, relax and celebrate. Taking the time to refresh and renew between assignments is one way that we ensure we are always ready to deliver our best for every client.

Training and Development

At Connected Analytics, we understand the value of training and development. We believe that providing our consultants with on-going training in technical skills and in specific technology suites is essential for the continued growth of the business and for our reputation. We encourage all our consultants to have a training and development plan that balances their immediate and longer-term developmental and professional goals. And we back their plans with a time allowance and funding for required course or conference fees.

Childcare Support

Balancing family and career can be challenging. Our consultants may rely on formal childcare or the support of family and friends to ensure that children are cared for through the week. From time to time, meeting commitments to our clients mean that our consultants need additional childcare or to reschedule existing childcare arrangements. By agreement with individual consultants, we reimburse the cost of additonal or rescheduled days. And because we value the networks that support our consultants, this benefit extends to the same level of reimbursement for unpaid care provided by family and friends.

Health & Wellbeing

The health and wellbeing of our consultants is a priority for Connected Analytics. To encourage our consultants to look after themselves, we will on request fund an annual health check, an annual trip to the optometrist and regular cancer screening. We even subsidise gym and health-club memberships. Sometimes life gets busy but we always aim to keep things in perspective. Nothing is more important than our consultants health and wellbeing.

Coaching & Mentoring

Our consultants all have regular access to senior leaders to seek and provide feedback on performance, training and development plans and our wider organisation and how we all do business together. To augment these conversations, consultants are provided with the opportunity to work with an external coach in support of their personal and professional development. If requested by a consultant and their coach, Connected Analytics will commission a professional assessment tool every couple of years (LifeStyle Inventory, 360 Feedback, Myers-Briggs, etc).

Technology Allowance

Connected Analytics operates with a flexible set of technology tools. We define a minimum standard (including technology, hardware, software and security protocols) and allow our consultants to maintain a suite of personal tools that reflect their preferences and the needs of each client. To support this approach we reimburse technology expenses incurred by our consultants, allowing them to maintain and upgrade their toolset as required.