Our Business


It’s hard to think of a more exciting time or challenging time for business – with uncertainty in global markets, demands for improved productivity and innovation, and shifting customer behaviours.  Regulatory change creates further challenge, resulting in organisations grappling with concepts such as responsible lending, privacy and comprehensive credit reporting.  In an environment where the volume and velocity of information increases each day, and where customers expect organisations to use data to personalise the services they want, many organisations struggle to prioritise how they will address these challenges as part of their business strategy.

At Connected Analytics we understand these conflicts and, by using our expertise and identifying dominant themes, we work with our clients to deliver the insights that drive better business decisions.

Connected Analytics

Connected Analytics is a privately owned and registered Australian company. We believe that by prioritising delivery excellence and the wellbeing and contribution of our consultants, demand for our services, our ability to attract talent and sustainable revenue will follow. We’ve based our business model on that belief.

We’ve never seen the resolution of a business problem that hasn’t been solved by people. That’s why we foster a culture of collaboration and continuous, self-sustaining professional development among our people. We only offer consultants who share our passion for delivery excellence. And we always put our clients’ needs at the forefront of everything we do.

Our Engagement Model

Every client engagement is unique. Our high-level methodology is as follows.

  • Engaged Dialogue. Building and maintaining relationships is a core part of our business and we’ll engage our clients, respecting their time and priorities, to understand their needs and preferences and to raise their awareness of external events that may affect them.
  • Domain and Solution Led. When invited to discuss challenges, we do not have sales representatives – we’re not interested in sales of widgets and don’t work to revenue targets. We love talking about analytic challenges and will happily share our thoughts on approaches that could solve problems. Our thoughts and ideas for solutions are based on many years working in the decision analytics industry.
  • Statement of Work. When invited to provide a service, we’ll prepare a proposal or statement of work that outlines our understanding, as well as what range of solutions we could provide to overcome your challenges, being clear on price, scope and the expertise of resources. We’ll discuss this with you and align to your working preferences.
  • Service Delivery. If commissioned, we’ll assign the promised resources to ensure delivery to the milestones we agreed. We’re very sensitive to the potential disconnect between the quality and expertise of resource promised and to the service that is actually delivered. Our reputation for delivery excellence is a key driver in all decisions we make about service delivery.
  • Contact and Escalation. Throughout the service delivery phase, we’ll continue regular contact and dialogue and will actively seek feedback that will allow us to improve on-going delivery. Clear escalation paths will exist for issues that may arise and require executive intervention. We all know that these things happen in complex analytical engagements and we pride ourselves on how we respond in support of our Client’s needs, with delivery excellence and reputation more important to us than cost control or margin protection.
  • Service Closing. When the required services have been delivered, we’ll ensure the necessary knowledge transfer and handovers have been completed before re-assigning resources to other projects. We hope that you’ll want to continue to work with us in other ways and we’ll always be available to provide support when it may be needed.
  • Feedback and Satisfaction. There is always room for improvement and we value feedback. It’s also nice to know when a good job has been done. We will seek feedback on our services and for suitably sized engagements, we’ll ask you to complete an online satisfaction survey. We’re happy to be judged by our achievements.